Monday, 23 December 2013

Two Lion Visions by Olivia Long

Two Lion Visions by Olivia Long - ( 2009 )

The first one that He gave me:  

I was sitting on my front deck in PA, where I met with Him each night, was sitting there in praise and worship, and a huge vision appeared in front of me.

In the distance I could see this huge lion, walking on green grass with a beautiful blue sky. He stopped and looked my way, and then He began to slowly walk toward me, this was quite a distance off. First came to mind, was that perhaps this was a vision other then from Him, and might mean danger and I was almost ready to tune it out, when I knew that I knew, not to be afraid but to let the Lion come to me. As He got closer, I could see how huge He was with that beautiful mane and I could see He was filled with power, strength and love.. Finally, He came right up to the front of where I was sitting, with His head only about three feet away from my face. His body was angled to one side of me. He stopped there, then ever, so slowly, as in slow motion, He began to turn His head until He was staring straight into my eyes and He stopped. He looked into my eyes, for what seemed forever "in time." I never saw such love, as I saw in His eyes, it was indescribable! Could not even begin to explain the depth of it. I remember thinking that I just wanted to throw my arms around that huge neck and hug Him and never let Him go. Finally He began to turn His head in the opposite direction and was looking over my other shoulder and He stood still once again.. I knew what He was saying, of first how much He loved me and then by his stance, with His body turned to one side of Me and His head to the other side of me, that it was a stance of protection over me. He held that stance for a few minutes and the vision disappeared.

(as a cute note....a few weeks later, I went with my daughter and her first child, at the time, to the Pittsburgh zoo. We saw a male and a female lion up on a cliff. With that vision so vivid in me still (and remains so now) I wanted to climb that cliff and throw my arms around the male lion. Of course, that was not a good idea....)

The second vision There was this black sky, almost like a void, in a way. . In the center of this, there was a big square building. It looked like it was made out of cement, something like that, very solid and strong looking. Inside there was a large bare room, on the one side, there was this hole in the side of the room. It appeared as though there had been an explosion of some kind, only there were no debris in the room, so the explosion had to have gone from the inside to the outside. In front of that hole, sat the Lion with His back to me. I wanted to go closer to Him, but I felt I was to stand still. (I was standing about 10-20 ft. behind Him) HE was sitting there with almost groaning sounds, heaving sounds, coming from Him. His paw was lifted and pawing at the air, like our tame cats do, when they see something and are ready to take action. I knew, somehow (we know how) that the next thing for Him to do was to stand to His feet and give out a deafening Roar and then all would be set in motion.