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My Remnant, Holding Up the Standard by Olivia Reitz

My Remnant, Holding Up the Standard
Olivia Reitz - January 8, 2001

"Thou art ... terrible (awesome) as an army with banners." SS 6:4
I have promised in My Word, that before My Son returns again, I will send forth My remnant people who will proclaim the gospel, preparing mankind for My Son's return. The Remnant of God, holding up the standard. An Army terrible with banners. As always, only a remnant, ones who were willing to go through the tests and trials, with the dealings of their God and they will make it through into My Mighty move. A people who I have placed a burning desire within their hearts to see Me face to face. A people who will have Radical Faith, learning this in the wilderness - radical faith in My promises despite their circumstances.

They have been in the process of preparation, under the Potter's skillful hands. I have known precisely the work to be done in each of them to conform them for My purpose. My sanctified Remnant, sanctified in body, soul and spirit, going forth with confidence and boldness - and they will be filled with the glory of the Lord. Ones who have learned to walk by faith. Bearing their crosses, and sometimes not really sure I would take care of them. Where would the money come from? How would the healing come? How could it get easier? So many questions, but their faith has been increasing. You now see more power in resisting temptation when it appears. You find yourselves making choices that are more pleasing to Me and leaving behind your old way of doing things.

My chosen ones, you have been in the wilderness, a retreat of My making and your decision. You have tasted many bitter experiences, for only when you have tasted the darkness, can you discern the true light and only through the purging, can I manifest My power in the midst of you. You are a chosen people, and I 'cannot' have even one Achan remain. You have found out who I truly am and I have been preparing and organizing you to show the world who I AM. You will also proclaim My judgments, for they will still have a day of salvation and time to turn to me, escaping My wrath that is to come.

My chosen ones were asked to leave Babylon and not to worship anyone or anything but Me. In your own human logic, you have even judged the promises of your God, the ones that I have given you. But each step of the way has brought you closer to Me and you are exercising faith instead of human perception. Trusting in Me, knowing that I am working out plans your human perspective cannot understand. Achieving Radical Faith, against all odds, that I will fulfill My promises. They may be different than you had thought, but I will fulfill them. I have seen your hearts, do not be discouraged, for soon the drought will be replenished with My rivers of life. In the twinkling of an eye, you shall be changed, to march forth as a mighty army carrying My standard, banners lifted high.

The enemy is already appearing with seemingly great miracle working power for he intends to deceive even My elect. It is not the first wave of deception to come nor will it be the last. His groundwork has been laid, but I have given you the necessary light to discover his snares. I do not want you to be defeated by even a part of evil no matter how cleverly it is packaged and delivered. I have already networked you with many and at times you have seen when you began to slip and fall, sliding into the darkness, I have given spiritual discernment to some of those I have given to you to do spiritual warfare in the heavenlies in your behalf. For you are a team, one for all and all for one, and that ONE IS ME. My move is mighty and well planned out in every detail, even to the giving of discernment to your linked ones when you have need of it. There is not one jot or tittle that I have left out. And no matter what traps Satan has laid for you, you shall maintain faith in Me. And by faith, you will step out to prepare a people - for salvation, judgment and My Son's return - speaking forth the "pure gospel."

It shall be a time of judgment and a time of blessing, when I shall shake the nations of this earth. All idols shall fall away, for nothing shall stand before Me. Judgment for the nations, judgment for America, whose hands drip of blood ... she who was once faithful - full of justice - and righteousness has rebelled against Me. BUT, My Remnant ... AH YES, My Remnant will survive My judgment on the nations, for it is I who will carry you, sustain you and rescue you. Those who in the wilderness, learned to totally rely on ME! My Remnant shall arise out of the ashes, turning from every idol that has kept them bound to this world. For the world shall be "filled" with the knowledge and glory of the Lord. You are My messengers, you have been hearing a new song, a new message - and the message and the messenger are becoming one. And My messengers will have become "the message." From every nation, you shall arise. A people who do My bidding, for My Name's sake, seeking nothing for themselves. My appointed time is nigh and I will place you in your positions that I have prepared for you. My Remnant, walking throughout the earth, walking IN ME, glorifying ME. It is a new day, a day of Glory, arise My people and walk with Me. Who is she that looks forth like the dawn, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army with banners? - MY REMNANT, HOLDING UP THE STANDARD.

Olivia Reitz
email: mreitz@penn.com