Tuesday, 24 December 2013

This Is My Road Map by Yolanda Ballard

This Is My Road Map
Yolanda Ballard - June 3, 2003

Believers in Christ, examine your hearts this day to see if what you are doing is purely My will or if it is a work of the enemy to distract you. For this is the time and the hour to come before Me with fasting and with prayer believing that what I had promised concerning My people Israel will come to pass.

Examine your heart to see if what you are doing is a work of the flesh or if it is by My Spirit. For this is the day for the latter rain outpouring, and you must be ready to be used in a mighty way. You must be able to know My voice so I can direct you through the storm for the enemy will try to come on strong to deter you from going the way I AM calling you.

You must be able to go only with My flow and not the way of man. For many will be going a direction unknown by My people, but it will appear to be a safe path, but beware along this path is set up many snares to try to catch you off guard. Keep your eyes on Me and your heart sensitive to My leading, and I will keep you safe even though the path may look dangerous. Yes, I will lead you through the desert once again, but on the other side is a land flowing with milk and honey.

For yes, I AM a God who keeps His promise. I do not lie. Just because there seems to be a hindrance to its manifestation doesn't mean that I do not have My hand in everything that you face. All things work together for your good if you are Mine. So gather together for strength. Yes, gird yourself with Truth. Cover your mind with the helmet of salvation. Walk boldly in righteousness for I AM your rear guard.

Lift your head up high for your Redeemer reigns mighty. You are sons of the King, and you have mighty power dwelling within you. Speak out My words boldly. Prophesy to the nations "Let My people go!". Yes, speak to the nations great grace for I died for their salvation. Yes, I will gather My flock from around the world, and the gates of hell will not prevail.

For yes, this is My road map, and it will not be hindered. Yes, speak to the nations My truth. Do not listen to the lies of the enemy that he will prevail for he is under your feet and is defeated. So keep your eyes upon Me, and My truth through My word, and press on to victory, says your Redeemer and King.