Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Battered and Beaten by Olivia Long

Battered and Beaten
Olivia Long - (2002)

Many of My Faithful Ones are feeling overwhelmed, over-run, battered and beaten down. You have felt betrayed, bound, abused, mocked and humiliated even by ones closest to you. You feel that nothing "is" as I have said it would be for you have followed My instructions and it seems as though all of Hell is dancing over you.

You chose the road less traveled and found a road saddled with briars, with the deepest valleys and with the steepest mountains. You chose a road filled with every kind of obstacle and potential hazard. You have asked yourself, why did you choose this road? Because you knew that ultimately you would have a "life of value", BY MY HAND, one of growth and deep meaning. A road ultimately giving you physical, emotional and spiritual strength. A road that will lead countless numbers into My harvest.

My Beloved, the greatest victories come in the darkest and loneliest moments. If you reach out and grab hold of your Savior's hand after being mocked, battered, betrayed and beaten down, you have victory. You might not see this as much of a victory, but in it, you are more than a conqueror.

You have been engaged in a frustrating struggle. Christian success which many of your fellow believers see, does not confirm with your life. Have you accumulated wealth and blessings? Names -Who's connected with whom? Those who have not received their healings, "AS YET", are often mistreated to the exclusion of the brethren. As "Job's Counselors", accusing or assuming wrong doing or a lack of faith on your part. Even if you utter the words that you are still ill, they say it's an insult to ME. - OR - if you don't experience ME in the way that they do, you are ignored and you are found at fault. Making people feel unwelcome, in their tightly knit little circles. People who see themselves as "purified and correct." Pride and Prejudice hiding behind the mask of justification. Thus, many of you are feeling as though you have no personal worth. They are as a thorn in your side, but leave them to Me, My Beloved.

I HAVE PROMISED TO NEVER LEAVE OR FORSAKE MY FAITHFUL ONES, NO MATTER WHO ELSE DOES. As I foiled satan's plan of destroying My Son, I will foil his plan of destroying My Faithful Ones. You will see every promise that I made to you come to pass. I have a timetable and calendar for every nation and I also have one for you. I know your comings and your goings, your rising up and sitting down. You have gone through disappointments, devastations and life changing seasons, but with each of these I have been there with you. I have been with you each time you have been in anguish and I have grieved with you. WE ARE CONNECTED!!!

YOU ARE CONNECTED TO ME !!!! I have held every single tear that you have shed, softly in my hands and I have been anxiously awaiting the chance to respond and intervene on your behalf. You feel helpless and frustrated, you have felt burned out and empty with the craving and searching for the passion which was once between us which seems unreachable now. I have good news for you. There are unfulfilled promises, awaiting MY activation, written on your timetable, along with My gifts and calllings that are irrevocable, all by My Sovereignty. I CAN AND I WILL INTERVENE TO RESTORE YOU, BY MY POWER. HEARKEN YOUR EAR TO ME, FOR YOUR DIVINE DESTINY IS ABOUT TO COME ALIVE.

You are never far from MY thoughts and My "suddenlies" are upon you. There remains one final shaking for any who need to make the necessary course correction. Pray, that they heed My call !!!

Olivia Long
Faithbuilders Ministries
Cuero, TX