Monday, 23 December 2013

An Open Vision by Olivia Long

An Open Vision by Olivia Long - (2009)

Today, as I was walking around the living room, (it's how I seem to do, just can't sit still anymore) and praying for people....He gave me an open vision, it filled my living room.  In this vision, there stood a Giant, as huge a giant as I have ever seen.  He stood there with legs apart and his feet were firmly planted.  In one hand he held a large version of a checkbook and around it was a chain wrapped very tightly and secured with a padlock and he had the key, indicating the key was  in his pocket and there was no way the key could be retrieved.

In his other hand, he held the promises that God had given to His Faithful Ones, of the upcoming move of His Glory,and all of the promises He had made to His own and  he laughed as the pages had been torn in two. On top of the halves of paper, laid a closed bible with a large Red X marked across it.   In like a panoramic movie, he showed the failings, discouragements, illnesses that still lingered amongst His Glorious Beloved, every weakness and presumed falling from the faith.  At his feet stood a lady with a set of scales, she was blindfolded with the scales tipped in his favor,  his side of that scale was in black.  

Behind this giant were a set of doors, like French Doors.  As the giant stood there, he was laughing at the futility of His Beloved to have their finances taken care of, let alone in abundance;  of knowing they have faltered and faith has waned at times, of sickness and despair and tiredness being the rule of the day, that they were believing a lie and certainly they would not attain their day of promise and to Give up, all is in ruins!

It was at that moment, the doors were flung open, as a 'suddenly.'  Out of those doors came God's angels, they surrounded the giant.  One stood by his hand holding the checkbook, one angel pointed to his pocket and the key 'flew' away.  Another angel pointed to the chains and they were miraculously broken and the checkbook opened, showing a sizable deposit.  On the other side of the giant, another angel pointed to the severed papers of promises, and each page miraculously became whole once again.  Another angel had a stamp and page by page, each in order, was stamped DONE, FINISHED!  Still another angel, pointed to the bible and the Red X disappeared and the bible opened.  One more angel pointed to the scales, the blindfold fell from the lady's eyes and the scales tipped to the other side which was in 'gold.'  Then the angels slew the giant and carried him off, singing as they went, and he was not to be seen again.

I asked the Lord to show me what this meant in it's entirety.  

He said, when My angels broke the chains and touched the wallet, it signifies  I have broken the bondages and declared finances to come forth for you even amidst a world filled with trouble and despair and no key can lock My storehouse of finances and provision, NO KEY.    Finances and provisions to not only sustain you and others, but to bring My true ministries to the forefront before a dying people as a witness to Me.   

When My angels pointed to the papers of promises and made them whole again, it signifies that each page of promise is not only fully in tact but now is being fulfilled. IT IS DONE, FINISHED!   Sickness and infirmity that has lasted for years and is holding you back, wholeness and a healing ministry will turn this world upside down.  Have you been so miserable that life has been a struggle, devoid of quality, then open wide your arms for an onslaught of abundance in 'every area.'  For every relationship that has sought to bring you down, Favor and special people are coming into your lives, even now.  And My promise for My Chosen Ones is as solid as the day I gave it to you - KNOW that it is coming to pass when the world 'will' see My Glory!

When My angels pointed to the bible and the Red X disappeared and the bible opened. I am showing you that even in your moments of thinking your faith has failed, KNOW that it's only your faith that has kept you still standing, yes, standing wobbly at times, but still standing, still having hope in your almighty God.  You see, that even what you saw as your failures, I saw as Faith!  For I knew your life was not constant victory and never stumbling or falling, but it has been a life of falling, getting up and going on, time and time again.  Pressing ever on to the mark of the High Calling of Christ!  My bible (Word) now lies open and it will never close again.

When My angel pointed to the scales and the blindfold fell off and the scales tipped from the black side (death) to the golden side (life).   I am showing you MY TRUTH as never before and your eyes are now completely open to that truth and you are standing on solid ground as My Golden Ones! On the side of Glory!  

When My angels slew the giant and carried him away, I am showing you, that finally he is being defeated in your life, the battle has already been won.  Signs and Wonders are coming forth not only for - but also through My glorious Beloved.  Resurrection life, healing, provisions and sufficiency for every aspect of your walk and ministry.  I am  unveiling complete truth to you in what is to occur and watch as I confirm that truth with unprecedented miracles!

You see, My Glorious Beloved, the best wine is truly reserved for last and the giant is taken care of and you will see even now an unparalleled move, not only before but after the Manifestation.

The doors have been suddenly thrown open and the day is arriving for you to take your rightful place in My plan.  You have been cleansed, purged and filled...and you will now break forth.  Breaking forth for I have put a new song in your heart and mouth and you shall break forth in praise and worship for all the I AM has done beginning this day.  Sing forth as My angels did, as the giant was taken away.   Break forth, O Barren People who are no longer barren but who will walk in signs and wonders and will be bringing many into the Kingdom.


Daniel 7:21-22 AMP As I looked, this horn made war with the saints and prevailed over them [Revelation 13:7-9.]    22 Until the Ancient of Days came, and judgment was given to the saints of the Most High [God], and the time came when the saints possessed the kingdom.